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Calculator Perth Mint Physical Gold ETF

The Perth Mint's AAAU ETF offers a cost-effective and easily accessible way to invest in gold with the understanding that the shares are backed by physical gold. Below you will find a calculator set up specifically to help you understand what physical gold products you can have delivered for any number of shares.

NAV and Gold Price as of 07/19/2019
Perth Mint Physical Gold ETF Calculator

To begin, enter the total number of shares you wish to redeem.

1000 shares is equivalent to 9.9859 ounces of physical gold based on the NAV per AAAU in gold oz.

Below is a sample of physical gold products available with this investment

Products displayed are indicative only and do not include freight or insurance 1.
Please contact for further information about gold redemption and other physical gold products available.
Visit for more information and product options.
1 The Perth Mint ships to any US address serviced by our chosen carrier on the following basis. For orders of less than USD 25,000, the freight charge is a fixed USD 30.00. For orders greater than USD 25,000, a secure armored delivery may be required and the rates for such services will vary, depending on both location and quantity. Investors can choose to insure their delivery, irrespective of value, for an added fee of 1% of the value of the delivery. The quotation you receive will outline the total number of shares required to be redeemed.

How to redeem your investment

Redeeming your investment in physical gold is a three step process that will require direct contact with The Perth Mint, as well as proof of identity and ownership. For more information, please visit the Redemption Process FAQs on our Resources page or click below.

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  1. Contact The Perth Mint to receive a delivery application form
  2. Submit your shares
  3. Receive your gold
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Please see disclosures below for potential limitations of redemption for physical gold.